Building Asset Wealth for Retirement

Building Asset Wealth for Retirement

What is your take on retirement?

Over the years, real estate in Singapore has been a consistent asset class for building wealth. Will your real estate help with your retirement fund?

Whether you are a homeowner today, or aspire to be a real estate investor in the future, everyone starts somewhere. “Can I really afford it?”, “is it financially sound?” – Yes, I understand. Moving up the property ladder should be well-coordinated, with a risk-mitigated process.

Like many of us, a significant portion of our wealth is pegged to our home and it can be hard to imagine how your current home can help you in the later phase of your life. I have illustrated three scenarios for you and I hope it paints you a better picture. A good retirement tomorrow starts with a simple decision made today.

I’m Jen Tan. As always, I would love to hear from you soon.