Being in the real estate industry for decades, it still delights me when given the opportunity to help my clients to grow their asset wealth.

I met up with Mr. & Mrs. Lee a month ago with their initial plan to upgrade their flat in Punggol to a larger resale flat, somewhere closer to the city-fringe.

It was only through our lighthearted discussion when they discovered that they are in fact, eligible to upgrade to a 3 bedder private condominium.

Like most of my HDB upgrader clients, they thought that upgrading to a private condominium will require huge cash upfront. Which is not the case.

For Mr. & Mrs. Lee, we looked into their actual financial standing and determined that if they were to sell their HDB flat and upgrade to a 3 bedder private condominium:

1. They do not need to take out a single cent from their savings
2. While through the upgrading process, they will be profiting approximately close to $130,000.

To my surprise, many HDB owners are still unaware of this.

Mr. & Mrs. Lee shared that they had been dreaming about living the condominium lifestyle and couldn’t believe that this can be achieved one day. As thankful as they are, I am more than grateful to be given this opportunity to transform a family’s life.

Are you one of the HDB owners who are dreaming about living the condominium lifestyle? Uncover your dreams today because it is possible. You do not need a hefty cash upfront or over-stretching on your finances.

If you wish to find out more on HDB Upgrading to a Private Property, drop us a comment below or a private message & we will get back to you soonest.

My name is Jen Tan, and I hope to share more with you.