What’s your thought on real estate in Singapore? A roof to most, a home to many & the most prudent way to grow our wealth.

While many thought that real estate investment is only for the rich, sometimes, it might be the other way round. Leveraging on property to grow your wealth.

Today, I am going to share with you another portfolio that I had worked on. How an average HDB owner has transformed their asset wealth through a humble HDB flat.

Let me give you the background of how we first met:

I received a private message from this couple via Facebook Messenger, enquiring about HDB upgrading to a private condominium. We discussed and arranged for a non-obligatory meeting at their place.

Through the meeting, I have worked on a detailed financial calculation for the couple, to understand their financial standings. Subsequently, I have provided them with an outlook of the market analysis and a 10 years investment plan on how they can grow their wealth through this humble flat.

Relatively different from the previous cases, this couple started their investment journey in their mid-forties. They have managed to sell their 10 years old HDB flat and diversify with 2 properties without shouldering the 7% ABSD.

Can you imagine how much asset wealth they can build up before their retirement?

Real estate today is no longer just a roof over heads. Find out how you can tap on the capital gain of a property to grow your wealth today.

My name is Jen Tan. If you’re an HDB homeowner looking to grow your asset wealth but unsure where to start from, drop a comment below or private message us & we will get back to you soonest.