Keeping your money & waiting for the right moment to enter the market? Most market watchers have been waiting for this once in a decade opportunity.

Covid-19 has amplified the interest of real estate, with ​the rest of the world having witnessed how Singapore has tackled the Covid-19 outbreak. If buyers are looking for a country where the government is transparent and is proactive in taking measures in any crisis, whether financial or health, Singapore remains the most attractive source.

While Covid-19 has ​sparked fears of a recession, the rich are still on the lookout to pick up some real estate gems, especially in this downturn. It is anticipated that when the crisis clears, foreign investors from China, and the rest of Asia will come in to sweep off the lucrative units.

This is a good time for local buyers to take advantage of opportunities and look out for the limited-time promotions extended by the developers.

Not a new term known by many, the ‘buy low sell high strategy’ has come to light for many real estate investors. It has proven that after every crisis, prices pick up at a very fast rate, which is one of the reasons why the rich are trying to enter the market today.

That said, don’t rush into buying any properties unless you have read the latest market analysis report, where we share about the projected capital gain of different regions & their valuations.

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