As Singapore deliberates between reopening our economies and protecting our people through the Circuit Breaker measures, it is expected to take some time for normalcy to return.

While easing lockdown measures too soon may potentially lead to a second wave of infection, digital shift has been very much a new ​norm ​today. Covid-19 has really accelerated a lot of digitalisation, that to be said.

With the announcement for the Circuit Breaker, further extended from initial 4 weeks to later, an accumulated 8 weeks in total, does that mean that investors are holding their horses? Well, probably not.

In our earlier articles which talked about the capital gain during crises like SARS, H1N1 & Global Recession, investors noticed that purchasing at such periods meant a good capital gain in return. Are there still transactions made during this golden opportunity?

Well, here is no surprise that digitalisation took over industries after industries, and Real Estate is not spared. Can you imagine there are 60 over virtual new launch tours created before the release of Circuit Breaker?

New Launches have always been a form of unique sales where buyers are purchasing based on artist impressions, the floor plans, site maps & projection of the returns. Virtual Showflat Tours have just complemented the buying processes, which explains why transactions are still occurring during the lockdown period.

It is no doubt that the economy is going through a major generational shift. And beyond the immediate fallout of the crisis, it has become clear that some of these shifts are here to stay.

Would you be keen to check out some of the Virtual Showflat Tours? ​During this period, we are encouraging real estate investors or homebuyers to look into projects with significant capital gain values. If you’re keen to receive Market Analysis Reports on any particular new launches that you’re looking at, drop a comment below or private message us & we will get back to you soonest. My name is Jen Tan, hope to e-meet you soon!