Most HDB owners would have thought of upgrading their HDB flats upon meeting their 5 years minimum occupation period. Whether it is to upgrade their lifestyle living or ​growing their wealth​, there’s more to this than meets the eye.

We have noticed many news released on homebuyers overstretching their finances on properties. If you are one of the HDB upgraders who find private condo too expensive for an entry point, you might want to give Executive Condo a good consideration.

Here’s the ​top 4 reasons why HDB upgraders should consider EC​ as their next purchase.

1. The Affordability:

Executive Condos are generally more affordable, with 20% lesser entry price as compared to private condos. Furthermore, with the available CPF Housing Grants, EC prices are made even more attractive and affordable for the masses.

2. Future Appreciation:

As written in our previous article​, executive condos being partially subsidised by the government with a lower entry price. As executive condos mature into privatisation, their value increases. This makes Executive Condo a good choice for HDB upgraders, with a statistically proven profit for all privatised ECs.


Upgrading to an Executive Condo is one of the most seamless options compared to a Private Condo. HDB owners can collect the keys for their EC before selling off their HDB flat. Furthermore, at the point of booking, the upgraders do not need to pay an Additional Buyer Stamp Duty (ABSD) and still be able to secure a loan up to 75%.

4. Less Worries, Lesser Issues on Spending Extra Cost

Most HDB owners who choose to upgrade to a private condo will probably ​find themselves in the loop of searching for an alternative lodging in the interim. This could mean renting a temporary home or moving to their relative’s place in the meantime.


With Executive Condo, since there is no application issue on borrowing restrictions (while holding their flat), HDB upgraders can put up their HDB for sale only when their EC is ready.

Imagine the hassle to move twice, splurging on rental homes or having privacy issues while staying with your relatives. If this is not at your comfort, then Executive Condo would be an ideal choice of all.

Having shared the top 4 reasons, we continue to recommend HDB upgraders to be conservative with their financial estimates, so you can save yourself the pain of pulling out of an unfavourable transaction down the road.

My name is Jen Tan, and if you wish to find out more on upgrading to an Executive Condominium but unsure how to go about the process, drop your question on the comment section below or send us a private message & we will get back to you soonest.