Why has Singapore been reputed as a safe haven for property investment?

Contributed by a few factors, such as economic and political stability, well-regulated government policy that successfully attracts foreign investors, it is no surprise why the wealthy chinese are flocking in.

Very often Singapore is compared to Hong Kong, as both important financial hubs that attract international talent.

However, due the recent spillovers regarding China’s draconian security law, many wealthy investors in Hong Kong and China are shifting their investment out of the country to a safer geopolitical environment, specifically Singapore.

According to data, transaction volumes in 2019 rose 30% by foreign investors. Affluent Chinese investors continued to shop at home via online platforms and virtual viewing and there was a report that three Chinese clients bought six apartments worth a combined S$20 million at Marina One Residences without any virtual tours.

In view of the unstable economic conditions, Chinese investors are encouraged in looking to invest overseas to preserve their wealth due to the depreciating yuan.

As a local potential investor, how will the increase in foregin bulk purchases affect you? Due to the analogy of the supply and demand theory, with a strong demand from the foreign buyers, home prices are more likely to rise and inflate on a year by year basis.

With more foreigners, especially Hong Kong and China investors driving our local market, it is a sign of stability of our home pricing, at the same time, a challenge in the near future for our potential local buyers to keep up with the inflated prices.

What are the premiums you’re willing to pay in the next 3 to 5 years’ time? This is the question I have always posted to my clients. On average, the private property segment is growing at 4.68% annually. If you have long considered an investment, take advantage of the market today.

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