Investing in real estate is a well-established way of building wealth over the long term. How do you create a demand for your next buyers as a lucrative exit strategy? Other than the attractive nearby amenities, being next to SAP schools can create a strong demand for your property.

If you clearly noticed, properties located close proximity to popular schools command large prices and it often holds value in a challenging market and tend to sell faster if the market stalls, simply because there will always be parents willing to pay the premium for their children.

Expat’s community has a large amount of a household budget that goes to schools and housing. Hence, there is always a good demand for homes near International educational institutions and usually the lease will be longer as the family’s children attend the nearby school are unlikely to move.

Resale properties which are near educational institutes see continued demand and rental yield value. Besides being able to move in quickly, buyers or renters look at three primary indicators, such as school, the proximity of highways and transport networks. These main factors influence why some districts command steep prices which will impact a home’s overall value.

Physically moving within 1 km to the SAP schools is the most ideal. This is the best way to increase the chances of being accepted within each phase of the registration exercise.

A famous school district can help properties withstand downturns more effectively and raise the market values to even higher heights.

But can we still find a property near a SAP school today with a good entry price? Well, of course! ​Get your list of worth-to-invest properties within 1km to SAP schools from us today! My name is Jen Tan, drop me a private message or give me a call at +65-90662926 & we will get back to you soonest.