Many big tech companies are leading the move on work-from-home policy for the remaining of 2020.Working from home will be the next new norm for most even after circuit breaker ends.

It sets another question on what will happen after circuit breakers?

During the 2 months of circuit breaker, the government has extended the Jobs Support Scheme payout to cover 75% of the $4600 capped wages of employees of a company. But what will happen after JSS?

Global recession has been announced, coupled with news of unemployment rate beginning even before circuit breakers, employees are facing pressurizing job insecurities. ‘Will I be the next to be out of job? Am I able to retain a new job if I am retrenched?’, many employees question.

What if you can adopt a new business, not constrained by job insecurities? Many employees are considering to lead a new business initiative but are unsure if they can do it successfully.

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Pandemic has reshaped our economy. Rather than living in fear of job securities, give yourself a chance to explore a new journey that can provide you & your family a sustainable financial future.

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