One of the most common questions I usually received when recruiting, “Jen, is Real Estate Industry very saturated today?”. Well, here you go!

Singapore, small as we are, but we refused to accept this as our fate. Imagine there are more than 50 over new launches in 2019, this is how strong the real estate market is.

The Singapore property market is on the radar of foreign real estate investors – whether it is residential, commercial or retail properties. Because of the geopolitical turbulences faced by many countries currently, Singapore has been an ideal investment opportunity by foreign investors.

Apart from that, many HDB owners have been leveraging on their flats to upgrade to private condominiums, growing their wealth steadily through each transaction.

In this market today, it is no longer about having any surplus units to sell, or pushy sales. This is so yesterday. With the evolving market, buyers today are getting even more savvy. We can’t just push a unit and say this is the best. It doesn’t work this way.

Coming from the angle of consumer needs, helping them to grow their asset portfolio through real estate investments is how we call it a win-win situation in JTD.

Back to the question, is this industry very saturated? The answer is no. In fact, 2020 and 2021 would be one of the best years to go. Tapping on the new launches, asset wealth strategy, you can’t go empty handed.

With the influence of the news on Sir James Dyson investing over hundreds of millions in Singapore properties, together with Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin and world renowned stars, these news have created traction drawing many investors into our Lion City today.

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