“I spent 20 years in real estate before joining Propnex in August 2014”

I believe in value investing. Ultimately, it is how hard you want your money to work for you, and what you can get out of your investment(s). Value matters most, and there’s no other asset class that provides better value than real estate. I joined PropNex in 2014, and today I still hold the same conviction that it is wise to place your anchor into properties as values are here to stay and will continue to grow for the future.

“At age 22, I bought my first property – placed my hard earned savings into something I believed in and I’ve never looked back.”

Today, I’m a Group District Director and together with my team, we continue to live out this conviction daily! Beyond the achievements and awards, action and effort are true keys to achieving success. Take small steps everyday and you’ll get there one day.

While the core function of a property agent is to market, transact the sale and transfer properties between homeowners, landlords and tenants, we believe that there is more to the job. We seek to bring value. As property agents, we bring value by building relationships with people that we serve. Listening, understanding, and analysing an individual’s concerns are paramount in any transaction, trade, relationship and even friendships. At the foundation, we need to be honest, trustworthy and reliable. We do this by pursuing personal growth.

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