The property you have purchased should work for you and not against you. Here’s how to find out if you have an asset or a liability.

Real estate properties are known as an asset for a couple of reasons:

  1. Capital appreciation
  2. Rental income
  3. Basically when it helps the owner to profit as a whole

However, not all properties are equal. In November 2015, an Indonesian seller sold his 1,647 sqft condominium at Orchard Scotts with 44% loss, which equates to S$1.8 million down the drain.

There is no right time to sell or buy a property, but the ​right entry & exit strategy​.
While it may be easy to say “buy low, sell high” in hindsight, how do you as a homebuyer or

investor, determine the low & high today?

Before you commit to a new property purchase, it’s always advisable to follow Singapore property news closely & understand the underlying chain effects.

To put things simply, I have created a 5 pointers checklist below that can help most of the homebuyers & investors as a guide. If you wish to find out more in detail, feel free to drop a private message & I hope to share further insights with you soon.

5 Strategies for buying an investment property low and selling it high