Thankful for the transformation in technology, online shopping hasn’t been new to many of us. Though we have some reservations if a million dollar product can be transacted virtually, you might be surprised.

In our earlier ​article​, we discussed the big-tickets purchase from a $28 million penthouse to a Good Class Bungalow, all through virtual viewings.

What are virtual viewings & how are they being comprehended between sellers and buyers? We have received tons of questions from our clients & this is going to be an interesting topic today.

I would say it’s a piece of art technology. If you can relate to showflat viewing, you will realize that there is no actual experience of the physical unit itself when a buyer makes the purchase. But why are buyers still snatching up for new launch units? Basically buyers & investors are buying for the capital appreciation and the location itself. Theoretically, it applies the same when we conducted virtual showflat viewings for our clients.

I must say that the virtual viewing experience has been a fantastic one for most of my buyers. Saving on the time to travel, they are viewing their purchase at their home comfort today, experiencing the same tours virtually.

Not sure how if virtual viewings are one for you? Why not get a free experience today with us here? ​My name is Jen Tan, drop me a private message or give me a call at +65-90662926 & we will get back to you soonest.