Real Estate Future in 2020

Potential homebuyers attempt to predict if home prices are increasing or vice versa, what’s your take on the ​Real Estate Market in 2020?

Will the market crashed? Some asked.

Despite global uncertainties and a slowing economy, Singapore’s property market has continuously shown its good health.

The city aims to stabilise the property market and ensure that prices do not increase or fluctuate drastically. Despite the measures, Singapore home prices continue to rise over the past decades.

If you noticed carefully, when the property market upswing, it tends to be bigger than the last. With soaring land prices today, if you have waited-and-see in the year 2014, you know you have missed out a significant profit in 2019.

Underscoring the broad feelings of uncertainty — and in some cases, surprises from the market. Can you imagine Singapore in 2020?

Considering the potential of Singapore massive transformation in the pipeline – Greater Southern Waterfront City, Punggol Digital District, Paya Lebar Airbase Redevelopment & an established transportation network throughout the whole city by 2030.

It seems to many investors like myself; that’s what Singapore was doing 50 years back and here it is, the 2nd wave I called. Recalling Singapore 50 years back, where buildings and infrastructures were less established, the prices for bricks and mortars were low. With the new transformation in the pipeline, properties have been flipping at least 10 folds till date.

With less of speculation, but the announcements confirmed by the URA master plan, Singapore is going through another wave of massive transformation. And these transformations help create opportunities.

Do you wish to find out more on which region has the most impactful transformation that equivalates to a good capital gain? My name is Jen Tan, please feel free to drop me a PM or comment below. I hope to hear from you soon!