After the circuit breaker, many homebuyers and investors will be worried o​ver the volatile market and the economic slowdown that could impact on job employment resulting in the hesitant of investing.

I believe the SARS plaque during 2003 has left a deep impression on many Singaporeans. ​Referring to a case study of ​SARS episode of 2003, 10,386 private properties were transacted with 2,658 units resold over a five-year time horizon. As a whole, the profitable transactions made about $331,000 on average.

Historical data has proven over the decades after each financial downturn, property prices will grow exponentially during the market recovery stage. ​Which we can correlate to today’s pandemic.

Based on records, once the economy returns, the supply and demand dynamics will fuel price rises. With both combinations of stability and demand improving, developers will continue to sell and more deals will be completed and interest rates will be held low for some time or until the economy recovers.

Given our political stability and positive economic growth, the property market will continue to thrive in the face of the current economy.

We understand that many potential homebuyers may have concerns over the economy and financial stability. Therefore, we have extended a complimentary Risk Analysis Method (R.A.M.) to assist buyers to forecast, as well as to build a resilient & recession proof strategy against their next purchase.

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