Very often when we hear people talk about real estate investing, they are talking big numbers and the millions to be made in the market. But well in Singapore, real estate wealth creation is no longer just for the rich.

Building wealth through real estate investments can begin with one house at a time, starting from balloting a BTO HDB flat in Singapore.

Check out how you can grow your wealth with a BTO HDB Flat:

  1. Get ready to ballot for a BTO HDB Flat – where you get to empty your CPF Ordinary Account, and usually couples do not need to fork out too much cash to own one. Not to forget, the government grants for BTO flats & resale flats have been raised to $80,000 and $160,000 respectively. Making your first humble purchase, a very affordable one.
  2. Ensure that your flat meets the 5 years minimum occupation period and decide if you should upgrade to a new launch private condominium or an executive condominium. Either option, you should ensure that your next purchase does not overstretch on your finances.
  3. Congratulations if you have decided to upgrade to an executive condominium. Here’s how you can ensure you have fully-maximise your profit: First & foremost, always engage a real estate professional to assist you in your financial calculation to determine the affordability of your next purchase. With the sales proceeds, HDB upgraders are usually less taxed on their finances.
  4. As Executive Condominiums are government-subsidised, owners will need to fulfil the 5 years minimum occupation period before upgrading to a private condominium.
  5. Start growing and build your asset wealth one at a time. After owning a private condominium for your homestay, consider investing in another smaller unit to build your investment portfolio.

Here’s the tips:

  1. Spot the right property to purchase. A property that is priced affordable and has a projection of a good capital gain.
  2. Understand from the URA Masterplan to check out if there are any new developments, infrastructures or transport connectivity that will impact your next property’s capital gain.

Unsure how you can discover an undervalued gem that will grow a good capital gain within the next 5 to 10 years’ time? My name is Jen Tan, feel free to drop me a private message or comment below if you’re keen to find out more. I’ll be more than happy to share with you.

Jen Tan, JTD