Retrenchment, Career Plateau ⁠— The part & parcel of business.

If every cloud has a silver lining, then in the case of the labour market it appears to be a stumbling block. With the Finance, Marine, Oil & Gas, and Retail industries taking the worst hit, are you affected?

We have heard you.​ ​No matter how hard you drive, how committed you are, you couldn’t change one fact ​⁠— your career is or might potentially be at risk.

Call it your own boss, but starting a brand new business is definitely not meant for everyone. With the startup operation cost, it is enough to kill, let alone the risks involved.

Would there be a balance or in-between choices? Yes, why not? Let your effort decides your income. The Real Estate Industry.

I wouldn’t say that this is an easy job, but if I were to put all industries across for comparison, this is the deal. In Singapore, who doesn’t need a roof over their heads. It is an industry that never perish, never get outdated with time.

I’m not going to sell you the dream of flamboyant cars, luxurious wrist wears nor branded outfits. Because I don’t believe in one either. But this job has offered me over 2 decades of business sustainability. And it never gets bored.

The Real Estate Business follows a structure, a progression and limitless returns for my division. In this selfless division culture, we share the knowledge of this industry and we work alongside to grow as one. Your effort equivalates to your returns.

A career is like a marathon. Where we fight for a meaning, we drive for a better tomorrow and over here, we are talking about years and decades of commitments. If your career today offers a doubt, thread or fear, you need to reconsider.

Career change might sound dreading to many, but there’s no harm discovering new opportunities. If you’re keen to find out more about real estate business, feel free to pop a note here. My name is Jen Tan & I’ll get back to you soon.