Singapore’s unemployment rate edged up as the prolonged economy worsened due to the extended circuit breaker over COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the resilience and solidarity budgets offered to tide over this unprecedented crisis, the unemployment still continues to soar.

Have you set aside a Plan B today? Because if you don’t, the volatile employment market today will be a challenge. What is the one business you can work on without worrying about recession or city lockdown?

Given the right mindset and business plan, real estate has proven to withstand the economic downturn & even during the circuit breaker period. While we already know the pros of this business, offering a range of flexible schedules and being able to control one’s own book of business, there are more than meets the eye.

In today’s era, real estate industry has evolved digitally. Homebuyers are taking advantage of the downturn to purchase properties online. New home sales surged by 81.3% in May despite circuit breaker. If you are not aware, homebuyers have been actively sourcing for properties through virtual home / showflat tours.

Digital technology has inevitably brought transformation to the real estate business. The new emerging innovations make it easier to buy and sell a property through virtual viewings and streaming.

A future-ready real estate​ industry is important so that it can continue to grow, maintain its competitive advantage and purpose in this technological age and continue to sustain economic growth.

Whether you are still shielded with a full-time job or have encountered retrenchments, you might want to give this business a good consideration. If you’re keen to find out more about digital real estate business, my name is Jen Tan, drop me a private message or give me a call at +65-90662926 & we will get back to you soonest.