Home purchase is one of life’s biggest decisions one can make in life. Whether you’re a novice homebuyer or a seasoned investor, the same principles apply. What many didn’t realize is the pain-point of a wrong purchase, how it can affect your asset portfolio in the long term.

Especially in Singapore, a small city with diverse real estate choices, do you know what suits your profile best? Before you consider a project development, let’s take a look at the most discussed questions we have in town for home buyers —​ Private Condo vs Executive Condo​.

The comparison chart will best illustrate the core differences between the two, despite sharing the same classification as a condominium. The benefits, prices, available grants, eligibility as well as future resale value differs.

While Executive Condominiums have a more desirable entry price, if you are looking to profit within 5 years from the purchase date, that is what ECs might not be able to offer you.

There’s no best of both worlds but depending on one’s needs, financial ability and the future capital gain you are expecting. Still unsure what suits you best? Get a complimentary financial & eligibility report from us today to find out more.

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