Staying positive in real estate business

“Positivity to me is, even if I fail today, that’s alright. I’m going to pick myself up and do it better tomorrow.” “Positivity means sharing with people around me.” “Positivity makes me a better person.” Jen Tan, from Propnex, JenTanDivision.

Staying focused and positive is a gateway to problem solving & decision making. ​If you don’t relentlessly focus that ownership on what drives your business, create a culture that reflects who you are, and stay grounded as you make things happen, you’ll never see the true rewards of thinking big and acting bigger.

  • ●  When you remain focus and with a positive attitude, you can drive a higher productivity.
  • ●  Listen and understand from other’s perspectives. You will grow more than just your team or division.
  • ●  You can’t control a situation, but you can control what you’re going to do next, your goals & your direction.
  • ●  Believe that dreams are built by efforts, and efforts are not built in one day. You need to believe and do things consistently.The bottom is, don’t give up. It is inevitable to meet failures in life, personally or in business. You just have to keep trying, and you don’t give up. It doesn’t matter if you fall more than others, but when you fallen enough, you’ve learnt enough to the road of success.Success is not one time, but consistency. Success is not depicted by the brands you dress, neither the car you drive. It is interpersonal. My name is Jen Tan, and I have been in the real estate industry coming to 3 decades.

    If you wish to find out more about the deeper meaning in this business, drop me a message and let’s do a coffee. Whether it is a short business discussion, finding out more on this industry, I would love to meet people in the industry to grow together. Thanks for reading this article, see’ya.