Investment-Linked Insurance Premium​ vs​ Stocks​ vs​ Real Estate​: Which is a better investment? Well, I believed most middle age groups would have once crossed their mind with this question.

Let’s start the analysis with an upfront payment first.

For Investment-Linked Insurance Premium: ​from as low as S$100 per month For Stocks: From as little as S$500 – S$1,000
For HDB or Condo Upgrader: basically as low as S$0 from your savings

Investment returns and risk level

For Investment-Linked Insurance Premium: ​Low returns, risk level depends on the applicant. For Stocks: Varies, depending on invested amount. Risk is moderate to high.
For HDB or Condo Upgrader: Generally real estate appreciates overtime, investment returns are highest ranked above all. Low risk level.


For Investment-Linked Insurance Premium: ​Liquidity before premium matures will be required to forfeit the initial invested sum.
For Stocks: Fast liquidation
For HDB or Condo Upgrader: Will required to adhere to the Seller Stamp Duty minimum holding period to avoid Additional Seller Stamp Duty, which can be costly.–SSD–for-Residential-Property/

If you are not looking to speculate but growing your wealth sustainably, real estate is naturally an investor’s best prefered option among all.

While many middle-income salaried workers have mentioned that investment is relatively costly each month, in fact investment can be as low as no cash outlay if you know how to do it correctly.

It’s never too late – or too early – to plan and invest. If you haven’t read our earlier article on growing asset through real estate,​ pop over & find out how you can start growing your wealth with little to even S$0 cash.

My name is Jen Tan and I hope to hear your sharing on which investment tools you’ll prefer and why. Leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you, see ya.