Predominantly, once the URA’s draft master plans 2019 released the transformation of Bukit Timah, property values in this region generally will increase and it will further gain as new capital investment takes shape. Homebuyers and investors will see the benefit and recognise the potential and capitalise in swift actions.

Locations always carry the most weight when it comes to evaluating properties’ worth but knowing when to invest in a region with the government’s transformation in the pipeline will reap a more profitable capital appreciation. This is known as the First-Mover Advantage.

These vibrant regions in Bukit Timah will benefit from the seamless transport nodes – Beauty World MRT and Bus Interchange which will provide unparalleled transport. The impeccable convenience from work to play and the ample amenities such as Beauty World Centre & Bukit Timah Plaza – shopping & dining are made easier with varieties and choices. Leisure activities such as taking a walk to Bukit Timah Nature reserve is just nearby. In essence, this will boost the rental streams and be able to gain excellent capital gain over time. Parents would be glad to know that many prominent schools for children are not too far from home.

Having said the heat and demand of the developments will naturally see a peak in transaction volumes this will push the prices when there is competition when putting up for sales.

There is no better position to immerse oneself in this area that it can offer.
Bukit Timah will be experiencing a green makeover, now is the time to invest. Your roadmap to property investments will prove to be profitable in 5 to 10 years.

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