The 2020 Singapore General Elections has been the biggest and most talked-about event in the last 2 months. The recent elections have sparked various discussions and opinions, across all generations of Singaporeans. Although the final election results gave PAP the supermajority, there were more rival parties than ever before, making this one of the most hotly-contested elections in Singapore.

The discussion surrounding the elections has brought up various underlying issues and opinions. In particular, many Singaporeans, especially the younger generation, have been asking for a greater range of voices in Parliament, to cater to the diverse needs of the country. With the elections over and results finalized, here are some things to expect in this post-election climate.

A stronger opposition presence in Singapore will allow more voices to be heard in parliament. This will also result in the government being more stringent and careful, taking into account different perspectives and ideas while working towards the same goal. The increase in the number of MPs (from 89 to 93) will also help with this, as the increased representation in government will lead to a more vibrant and diverse parliament.

Singapore’s government is known for its good governance and leadership, and these core ingredients will remain evident as the new government takes its place. Post-election, Singaporeans can expect better policies and changes to improve our standard and quality of living.

Singaporeans can expect consistent policy making, and continued political stability. This will also continue to boost Singapore’s attractiveness as a safe investment area, and will motivate more investors to invest and grow the economy of the country.

As Singapore prospers, so does its various sectors, including the property market. Singapore’s property market has long been known as one of the most stable and secure markets around, and this reputation will only continue to increase with good governance and leadership.

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