Why Real Estate Salesperson should not focus on selling the sales value, but on client’s success instead?

No one likes to be sold. The resistances are formed when the intention of sales exist. Should you have stand in the perspective of your clients to understand what they truly need and want, this will bring you further and longer.

Business is never about one-time-sales, and you need to remember, business is made with credibility. Having a referral is one of the most honourable testimonies of your services, and this is what I always recommend all RES to build from their foundation.

Once you forget about selling the sales value and change your intention and focus to client’s success, you gain more than just the paper value.

Help your clients to make smart decisions that are in their own best interest, sales follow. This driving value should shape every decision you make.

The keyword is: Sincerity. Doing business is a lifestyle, a long term commitment. When you do it right, you grow with your name, you grow with pride and honour.

My name is Jen Tan, if you would like to learn more on business success, drop me a message & I’ll get back to you shortly. C’ya!