News Released!

A recent report from Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) announcing tender of a site at Jalan Anak Bukit for a mixed development comprising residential and commercial with a good transport node to help rejuvenate the Beauty World area.

‘The 3.22 hectare site, which is on the confirmed list of the first-half 2020 government land sales programme, can potentially yield about 845 private homes. It can generate up to 1.04 million square feet of gross floor area.’ quoted from The Business Time Singapore.

URA has highlighted that “only compelling concept proposals” will be shortlisted, which means we could be anticipating a distinctive development and identity marker in the process.

Since this upcoming mixed-development site has the potential to transform into an iconic landmark and would require substantial investment, we are expecting interest to come from larger and experienced developers.

So here are some gauge for the upcoming tender & the requirements:

Emphasising the following concepts to revitalise Beauty World’s surroundings:

  •  offering a lushly landscaped and attractive living environment
  •  well connected to the surrounding nature attractions
  •  include thoughtfully-designed public spaces and pedestrian networks that are well integrated with transport and community uses.

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