In the earlier article, we spoke about a spike in new residential sales amidst the DORSCON level turning orange. ​Singapore’s response to the coronavirus has been held up by many around the world as a role model. Despite our growing economy, would this outbreak bring Singapore to another level of world-wide breakthrough? We can guess the answer.

While we all know that it is just a matter of time when the economy bounces back, and in every recession, the new era is ​producing its own pantheon of folk heroes. Will the Novel Coronavirus build a new batch of millionaires next? Most likely.

The world is losing calm in the pandemic state, but what is amazing is how Singapore has taken it forward with a suave. Though SARS devastated calls to Singapore, we have been hailed for using those hard-won lessons to combat the new coronavirus.

Singapore has implemented rigorous detection, quarantine, tracking down of COVID-19 cases, potential clusters, all through the effective governance of the nation. Despite not locking down the city to disrupt business operations, Singapore has proven her reliability as a country to combat unforeseen plaques, economic disruptions, and health care prudency far ahead.

Potential home buyers often wait for the ‘right-time’ to enter the market. Though there was an initial knee-jerk reaction from the market, the private home sale continues to grow sustainably, with serious investors hunting for attractive launches and hard-to-come-by projects.

Should you have entered the market now before the economy recovers with foreign investors driving in and soaring up the home prices?

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