Mixed-used development is a form of urban housing that combines residential and commercial spaces, offering the convenience of having retail shops right where one lives. Ranging from F&B outlet, clinic, beauty parlor to supermarkets, some developments even integrate with public transports and large-scale office components.

Not your usual residential or commercial properties. Should you still consider investing in Mixed-use development? Maybe yes.

The millennial generation is truly looking for a ​work, live, play​ environment & the structure of a Mixed-D is simply tailored-made for the next generation buyers. Although millennial homebuyers comprise a large portion of demand for mixed-use projects, it’s attraction is widespread throughout. This unique type of development is usually located at a driving location, which is something every homeowner is looking for.

Mixed-use developments are emerging not only in the CBD but in neighbourhood districts. Investing in properties within a mixed-use development can yield better rental rates compared to purely residential development. Let me walk you through some examples here.

  • North Park Residences @ Yishun, sold 70% of their units within the first day launch.
  • The Poiz @ Potong Pasir, sold 74% of the released units within 1 day of balloting.Having mixed-use development in Singapore is an extremely strategic move, although they are usually priced higher than pure residential counterparts by 10-15%. But one thing to note, the convenience and accessibility are usually unparalleled. Whether you are getting one for homestay, investment or both, Mixed-development lives up to its definition best suited for a cosmopolitan city, Singapore.

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