The Covid-19 pandemic is a global stress test for most real estate investors. If you have kept your investment fund till date, this is definitely your bag of opportunity today.

No doubt, there was an initial knee-jerk reaction, with some investors choosing to wait and see. Weeks passed the circuit breaker and it was noted that savvy investors continued to make purchases online, some through virtual showflat tours and resale segments through video-tours.

Why is the pandemic outbreak a golden opportunity for real estate investors? How could investors’ purchases cross millions of dollars of products online? Allow me to share further.

During the SARS outbreak in 2003, buyers of the 2,658 units were resold over a five-year horizon and witnessed a significant profit with an average of 115%.

As a whole, the profitable transactions made about $331,000 on average and interestingly, there were 136 transactions that made profits of more than $1 million.

Behind every crisis or pandemics, a hero is born. Those with the stomach for some risk should now look further afield on the post-Covid world instead.

Bear markets are typically a time in which investors should seek value, and bull markets are when they should look for growth. If you are eyeing for the next massive capital gain opportunity, this is the one rare opportunity. Because the next crisis is always a decade later.

While not all properties are built equal, which explains why some profited an average of $300,000, while others bag home over a million, now is the right time to find out what are some of the profitable properties in the market today.

Wish to find out more on the capital gain amid the pandemic crisis or which ideal properties investors should be eyeballing on? My name is Jen Tan, drop a comment below or private message us & we will get back to you soonest.