Facts: ​A ​vast majority of millionaires and billionaires made and grew their wealth by leveraging on the power of real estate.

The rich make money work harder for them than the other way round.

The richest and especially the wealthiest people in the world have known about leveraging Other People’s Money (OPM) concept for years. Their use of OPM to buy assets is legendary.

In the Real Estate world, OPM refers to the bank and the tenant’s rental income.

Real estate investment has proven to be the only sustainable investment throughout the decades, with a solid stream of capital appreciation and the ability to hedge against inflation.

Not all debts are equal. Buying a car with a loan, that’s incurring bad debt. On the other hand, a mortgage loan for a property that increases in value or increases your net worth is good debt.

There are plenty of real estate investment strategies, and this article is one of the many we have shared across in the previous articles. Understanding your objectives and duration are key to understanding which strategy is worth pursuing.

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