The introduction of the Mass Rapid Train during the 1980s definitely has a major benefit for real estate investors and home buyers, it ignites a huge capital appreciation and potential rental yield of properties because of its convenient location to major important hubs.

New launches with a proximity to an MRT station enhances the overall value of a property and will generate the capital gain increase of homes. Basically the convenience is the key factor for a high capital value.

It has been reported that new launches properties that are located within walking distance of an existing or future MRT station will continue to perform above market expectations as the demand is still strong and growing.

With the new extension of the Thomson-East Coast Line that operated early this year, the resale of private properties within walking distance from these stations will see a rise in asking prices.

The properties surrounded by the existing MRT lines have already seen prices soaring over the years. With the announcement of future extensions of MRT lines, housing in said areas are still considerably inexpensive as development has not been constructed. However, once the future MRT is ready, the prices of properties will surge and spike as homebuyers will pay for the price of convenience and high accessibility.

Now is the moment to start preparing for such times in order to benefit from the upcoming boom that will have a huge impact positively on the investments.

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