Real estate represents a significant portion of most people’s wealth. While many of us believe in riding on the capital gain of real estate, what is one of the determining factors for a good growth?

You wouldn’t be surprised. That is the size and scale of a development. Do you wonder why?

In a larger development, there is a higher chance of competition among sellers to push up the next asking price, referring to the last transacted sum lodge in the caveat. Constant transactions are an advantage to incremental gains as each unit is sold at a higher premium to the last.

This also meant that the larger the development, the more the units with higher volume of sellers to push up the prices. There said, this is something that many investors did not foresee before stepping foot into a new development.

While larger developments also tend to be more affordable in terms of entry price and maintenance fee, having divided among more units. Bigger plot of land inbuilt more luxurious facilities which is amazing for homeowners, which clearly explains the upper hand when it comes to your exit strategy.

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