30 years ago, Singapore’s HDB flats were priced between S$15,000 to S$35,000 approximately, depending on regions. Who would have imagined the bullish HDB prices to soar 200% today?

In 2019, just a couple of months ago, BTO flats in Kallang made the hit with a record-breaking price crossing S$600,000 for their 4-room units. How much do you think it will be worth 10 years from today?

HDB flats in the resale market have made several headline news crossing the benchmark of S$1 million. Till date, there are more than 81 HDB flats that have crossed the S$1 million range, and it will not be surprising to see a surge in more units of such price tags.

Are you currently looking into the resale market today but are spoilt with choices? Find out which are the worth-to-invest resale HDB units. Hi, my name is Jen Tan. Feel free to share with us your thoughts on HDB crossing the S$1 Million benchmark.