Surprised but not so surprising. Who would have imagined a surge of buyers entering the market during Covid-19 through virtual tour. But not so surprising because when investors purchase a new launch property, they are basically buying through the virtual experience instead of a physical unit.

Till date, despite more showflats are opening up, my stream of clients & myself still adored what the seamless technology has to offer. Basically Virtual Tour is a real convenience and we realized the experience of buying patterns has pretty much evolved.

Do you want to know why investors are rushing in during Covid-19 and especially during the circuit breaker period?

Historically, property prices in Singapore have always recovered quickly after each economic shock. In the month of May, there was a new home sales surge of 81.3% despite circuit breaker when viewing in person was curbed.

Virtual viewings could have contributed to the surge as homebuyers are switching to virtual tour since strict and safe distancing measures took place.

This innovative technology has driven the market forward and allows homebuyers a new way to support strategic decision-making. The ​new buying experience will likely remain in place even after the circuit breaker has eased.

Viewing technology has made it easy for eager and potential buyers or tenants; it provided a remarkably convincing “walk-through” tour of the properties. With the convenience of the time and comfort of their own home. This process proved to save time of property viewing and travelling that allows buyers and renters enjoy viewing at their own pace.

Many homebuyers are adapting to the seamless virtual viewings and it has become the norm for quick and comfortable viewing.

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