Over the decades I have heard questions like, “But I don’t drive, so most probably I can’t fit into the industry”. I beg to differ.

Flamboyant cars and branded wears are an overhype in-fact. Many of your top 10 producers or even division directors didn’t have the luxury of cars when they first started.

Luxury goods are great, but not necessary for this industry. The brands do not equavilate to your success. You don’t see Lee Ka-Shing, Jack Ma or even Mark Zuckerberg investing on these, but on classified assets that appreciate over time.

We have seen some directors across the industries showcasing the success through what they have owned. Rather than the social brand pressure, have you thought about how business can be done differently?

Focus on what is real and less of the overpromises. Flamboyant vehicles and brands deliver the surface of the success, what how to achieve success is more important in the business.

Whether you are an existing Real Estate Salesperson or applying for one, don’t be fast to convince by the surface. Ask questions on leader’s support, look for a selfless sharing team and try not to start off with a brand competitive mindset. Business is not built overnight. It takes time, effort and consistency.

Speak to a few leaders to find out if their team, division or lifestyle connects with yours. Eventually joining a few division, establishing relationships and venturing into the business can take years or even decades. Look for a deeper meaning in your upcoming business ventures.

My name is Jen Tan, if you wish to find out more on JenTanDivision, just drop me a pm and I hope I can share more insights with you. Cheers!